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When is the right time for farmers to diversify? Read More

With Brexit on the horizon, farmers are thinking about diversifying, but is there a right time?

Alternative options for tourist accommodation Read More

When it comes to tourist accommodation there are plenty of other routes you could consider.

Getting to know the food and drink industry Read More

These resources are designed to help you get familiar with the food and drink industry.
Keeping your pet business legal Read More
Pet businesses are subject to significant amounts of legislation, here’s what you need to know.
Five steps to buying a business Read More
Buying a business can seem scary, but it doesn't have to be an intimidating process.
How employers can help with childcare costs Read More
Childcare costs can be a huge part of a family’s financial outgoings so help is often welcomed.
Why your business needs a Customer Relationship Management programme Read More
A useful guide to understanding CRM systems and how they could benefit your business.
The importance of having an integrated marketing campaign Read More
Integrated marketing campaigns use multiple marketing channels to communicate messages.
The importance of retaining employees Read More
Business Guide
In order to keep costs to a minimum and lower employee turnover, employee retention is vital.

Supplier of the Month

Farmers & Mercantile Insurance Brokers

A leading independent agricultural insurance brokerage with over 22 years of experience in the farming sector striving to protect what individuals and families have worked for. 

Tip Of The Week

"It’s the small business changes that are relatively easy to deliver on that have the potential to add lasting value."

Jo Thornley, Dynamis

Upcoming Events

Farm Business Innovation Show

Held on 7 and 8 November, this is a diversification and innovation event aimed at farmers and landowners.  


Bruce’s Doggy Day Care –  land wanted 

Land required within close proximity to affluent areas in the South East of England for an established doggy day care business to expand.  

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Latest News

Tax changes could impact farming families Tax changes could impact farming families Read More

Succession plans should be at the forefront of farmers’ minds as the government considers radical changes to tax. 

More funding announced for 2019 More funding announced for 2019 Read More

The application window for the next round of the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme will now be early 2019.

Seminar endorses farm diversification Seminar endorses farm diversification Read More

Farm diversification should be an important consideration amid the uncertainties of Brexit was the key message from a recent CLA seminar. 

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