The idea of running your own Drive In cinema can seem daunting if you do not know quite where to start.

Let us help you create, organise and manage the perfect Drive In Cinema.

We have over 7 years experience and provide a full package so you do not have to worry! Our turn-key package includes: 10m Wide inflatable Airscreen Powerful 16K Full HD projector Bluetooth speaker for each vehicle (saving a lot of time and money!) Projectionist and technician Support and advice.   

We are now the UK’s largest provider of mobile outdoor cinema equipment and our Drive-In packages are becoming increasingly popular. You organise the event and sell the tickets, we then turn up with the screen, projector and sound system as well as a technician to operate all the equipment for you.

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We are a small, friendly team based in Cornwall (don’t let this put you off) and have travelled both UK and Europe wide attending over 2500 events to date. With Cornwall as our base, we have developed a passion for the Outdoors and everything it has to offer.

This passion allows us to really know what makes a great Outdoor Event and how to bring it together in the best possible way, in some of the most challenging of places.

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service, equipment and advice there is out there.

Our knowledge built up over the years allows us to do this with confidence and guide you through the process from start to finish.

We acknowledge the event industry, especially outdoor can be a minefield if you do not know where to start. We are here to help you find this starting point and avoid these possible mines. Outdoor events are a great way to bring communities and families together in way that creates very special memories. We are all about creating memories.

We really hope you think Skylight Mobile Outdoor Cinema is for you and cannot wait to start helping you organise your Outdoor Cinema event.

We’ve written an E-BOOK that you can download as a PDF for FREE. It contains everything you need to know about putting on an Outdoor Cinema Event in the UK.

Free Cinema Guide If you would like to read more about the outdoor cinema, download our FREE 'Outdoor Screening Handbook'

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