18 Jan 2023

The Business Barn is calling for farmers and rural landowners to take part in this inaugural 30 question study to share their activities, thoughts and opinions about their diversification projects. We are looking for responses from both farmers and rural landowners who have, and who have not diversified. We need YOUR input to help make this survey as comprehensive and accurate of the industry as possible.

The aim of the research is to shine a spotlight on the diversification industry, to gain a better understanding of the health of the diversification industry, as well as spotting trends and patterns, as well as to establish challenges that diversifying farmers have faced on their diversification journey. The findings will be published on www.thebusinessbarn.co.uk later on in the year.

This is the first of several surveys that The Business Barn will undertake this year, further cementing it's reputation as the leading website dedicated to farm diversification.

Complete the survey here.

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