How did The Business Barn come about?

Having worked in the agricultural and rural sector for over 20 years, our founder Hannah was frequently asked by clients and start-up businesses for help with identifying new business ideas and for guidance on where to find particular business resources and how to write certain documents.

There was an obvious gap in the industry for a central, online resource to feature the information needed to start a rural business or farm diversification project. Hence the evolution of The Business Barn. The website now hosts a wealth of free to access information and resources alongside a Rural Business Network, all of which are designed to inspire, support and connect rural businesses.

How does the website work?

Our most important objective in setting this up was that the information would be completely free and would stay that way, we want the maximum number of people possible to benefit from the information. When we starting collating the information, we did so off a number of selected and well known professional experts, so we knew the advice we were giving would be the best.

The Business Barn is a collective of all that information. The Business Barn has a number of 'Business Partners' with whom we work and who provide that information. In providing The Business Barn information, we are simultaneously championing all those rural professionals, and giving them opportunity to showcase their expertise in front of you, their target market. So when you have progressed your business ideas, and need a professional to help you, use one of our Business Barn Partners - you will be reassured they are the best in the business.

After being told by our users "Ok, I have my idea, now where do I source reputable, experienced companies to work with"?, The Diversification Directory was born! Our aim is for this unique directory to be filled with a trusted network of suppliers that we can signpost our users to. Google is so vast it's hard to find what you are looking for, especially if you are not totally sure what you need! We want to promote all businesses whose target market are our niche farmer/ landowner/ rural business owner audience.

So in summary, business owners get access to quality free ideas and advice AND you know where to source the best professional advice when you need it.

We think, a win-win website!

are you looking to get your business in front of farmers, landowners or rural business owners? If so, get in touch to find out how we could help you...

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