How did The Business Barn come about?

Having worked in the agricultural and rural sector for over 20 years, Hannah was frequently asked by clients and start-up businesses for help with identifying new business ideas and for guidance on where to find particular business resources and how to write certain documents.

There was an obvious gap in the industry for a central, online resource to feature the information needed to start a rural business or farm diversification project. Hence the evolution of The Business Barn. The website now hosts a wealth of free to access information and resources alongside a Rural Business Network, all of which are designed to inspire, support and connect rural businesses.

If this is all free, how do you make money?

When developing The Business Barn website, one of the main aim's was to develop a business model that would allow the advice and information to remain free of charge - we are passionate about ensuring this resource is available to all, so as the maximum number of people can benefit, learn and have enough confidence to start and run their own rural businesses.

So we developed a model that works for everyone, because businesses buy from other businesses, and at some point in people's business journey's they need to buy products or services - and will come to The Business Barn as a trusted credible resource and directory of relevant suppliers. So we work with a range of businesses and provide them with a platform to talk to and connect with businesses that need them - and that is how the website works and makes money.


A landowner who is looking for alternative business ideas might visit The Business Barn website:

- To initially look for inspiration and ideas, before narrowing down to say a Glamping Site

- They would revisit the site to read resources such as whether planning permission is required for their Glamping Site, and then search on our Directory for a suitable planning consultant to work with

- They might revisit the site to use our business planning resources such as Business Plans, Cashflow Forecasts

- In this process they might then need to use the Directory again to find people to source finance through for example

- We list a range of glamping accommodation unit suppliers so come back again to look for suitable manufacturers

- Once up and running, the business owner may be looking for handy hints, marketing tips and techniques for increasing occupancy for example, all within our business advice section

- Once more established, they might need marketing support, accountancy and tax advice and so on, all to be found in the Directory

So in summary, business owners get access to quality free advice, help and know where to go to find products and services they need when they need them.

A website that works for everyone. We hope you enjoy using it.

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