07 Nov 2022

The Governments Rural England Prosperity Fund has been allocated £110 million to  support new and existing rural businesses to: 

  • develop new products and facilities that will be of wider benefit to the local economy. This includes farm businesses looking to diversify income streams
  • Support new and improved community infrastructure, providing essential community services and assets for local people and businesses to benefit the local economy.

In order to confirm the funding, councils need to submit an 'Investment Plan' to the Government by the end of November setting out how they will use the funds.

Most councils are requesting that businesses and organisations submit any project ideas they have.

This will help them to understand the types of projects currently being worked on and their scale. Projects must be deliverable by the end of March 2025 and must comply with the REPF guidelines (more information on those can be found here).

If your business/ idea may be eligible for the REDF grant, it could be worthwhile getting in touch with your council asap.

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