"If you can dream it, you can achieve it" are words of advice given to Becky Dunn, founder of Born To Farm, a clothing company for adults and mini farmers- and they are words that she has repeated often. We caught up with Becky to get to know a bit about her and her new business.

Tell us a bit about you

I am a 30 Years old farmers wife (to Andrew) and mum to our two gorgeous boys (Alfie, 4 and Rory 1). Along side my little business Born To Farm, I also run a small livery yard on my in-laws family farm of up to 12 horses, that began in 2016 when I moved from Yorkshire to Lincolnshire to be with my, now husband. We also have a growing herd of Stabiliser Cattle and house around 1000 bed and breakfast pigs.

What gave you your initial idea/where did it all begin?

Born To Farm started in October 2020, with an idea for a new baby gift for my longest friend. She is also a farmers wife and with her first baby due i wanted to find the perfect farm theme gift. As I was 6 months pregnant myself with my second, I thought a few items for my own bump is a bonus. So I designed a few items and asked an old friend from my young farmers who had an embroidery business to create my designs. From there the idea grew and before I knew it, Born To Farm was born!

The first initial items I designed were white cotton sleepsuits with our tractor designs, our born to farm design and our individual animals.

When I first started I told nobody it was me, not even my husband. I didn't put my face out there for a good few weeks. I was too scared of failure.

I began working at my kitchen table during nap times and once my first items were in production, I then told my husband what I had been up to. It then developed from there, more items been created and designed and I was amazed by the response I had.

Our range has expanded, and our best sellers include children's gilets, sleepsuits, adults quarter zips and cross neck hoodies.

How long has your business been going?

Born To Farm launched on the 19th October 2020, so just short of 2 years - and what a fabulous 2 years it has been. It has gone so quickly and I have loved every second. I am very much looking forward to celebrating our second birthday!

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You started your business during Covid-19 (fair play, not many people can say they started a business during a pandemic) How did covid-19 affect any decision making/ part of your business?

Covid-19 didn't have a direct impact on my decision making but it definitely helped with giving me time to do it. As I couldn't go out and about with Alfie and been pregnant it meant we were at home, it gave me time to look into items, designs and do work. Also everyone was shopping online because they couldn't go to a shop so that definitely helped too.

How do you find customers and direct them to your website? Does social media play a big role?

I started the business just on social media. I didn't have a website till march 2021. I took orders from social media messages which took up a lot of admin time. I then decided I needed a website to cut down the admin especially when baby number 2 came.

I've never looked back since I opened the website, it makes life a lot easier. It took me a lot of time to get it up and running and was a massive learning curve, but it's so much easier.

I direct customers to my website by having links on my social media, posting in online groups and handing out leaflets at shows and word of mouth.

Social media plays an enormous part and I spend a lot of time creating content. It's nearly a full time job I'm itself, but it works. The more I post the more activity I have on the website. Its also so lovely at shows when people say oh I follow you on Instagram etc.

Has it all been plain sailing?

Is anything plain sailing? No! We have had a few little hiccups but to be honest I cannot really complain. I haven't had to many big issues yet, nothing that I have been able to resolve quickly. Starting a new business is never easy but it is all about learning to overcome issues and learning to handle then differently to prepare you for next time.

My biggest issue is I take a lot of things to heart even if it isn't my fault, so sometimes a really small issue feels massive to me and I let it affect me way more than I should.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced?

My biggest challenge so far is definitely working whilst been a mum to two young boys. As my husband is a busy farmer, I am on my own with both children most of the time. My children will always come first, but I also don't like my customers waiting to long for orders.

Trying to find the balance is hard, I try and do admin, photographs and social media through the day and then I wrap and create orders once the boys are in bed.

I do have supportive parents and in-laws who help with childcare as much as they can.

Has anything surprised you, or has it all gone in the direction you were anticipating?

I wouldn't say everything goes in the direction you want it to, but it is all a learning curve.

The thing that surprises me the most is the support I get from followers on social media, shows, and the orders. Some days its a really takes me back that people are actually ordering my items, that I have designed and created and that my business has actually been a massive success and along side been a mum and wife.

Born To Farm is now my main, full time job. After having my second child I decided to push my business and take a step back from the day to day work on the livery yard and now just manage the running of it. Which is amazing and also gives me the flexibility and time for my family and see my boys grow up.

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