Digital marketing trends and predictions for 2020

2019 has been a funny old year in the digital marketing sphere – algorithm updates, changes in strategic direction and more – yes – even more platforms launching has left many of us bewildered and confused by what we should be doing and where.

On the one hand, Facebook has stepped away from business completely and is focussing its efforts on community, while Instagram is focusing its attentions on engagement rather than likes. Either way, they still want you to spend money with them in order to reach your target market. We get it, they are a business and businesses need to make money. But what about those who don’t have a huge budget but still want to drive traffic to their website?

Here are our predictions for digital marketing trends in 2020.

1. Budgets will focus on digital content more than ever before.

Due to the way social media networks work, the more engaging your content is, the more likely people will see it and therefore, businesses will be setting aside a decent amount of their budget to create the content that will boost their engagement figures. For those of us who rely on creating our own content, that might mean investing in some training to brush up on skills, placing some strategic ads to ensure we’re reaching the right people in the right places or outsourcing content creation to the experts. Either way, we think budgets in 2020 will be much more focussed on digital content.

2. Platforms that drive website traffic will start to shine through

While we love scrolling Instagram and seeing gorgeous content that makes us want to double tap (like) it or even click through to a page, it’s not the best platform for driving traffic to your website, unless you’re spending money. With the evolution of digital marketing focussed on a “call to action”, we think platforms such as Pinterest that provide useful content and drive traffic to websites will start to build momentum in 2020 and beyond. While Pinterest has always been there in the background for saving recipes, planning weddings and virtually redecorating your house for the 100th time, businesses are starting to see the value in uploading their content to Pinterest as people who click on the images are automatically sent through to where it originated from ie, your website.

We suggest keeping an eye on your Google Analytics and taking a look at where your website is coming from, focussing on the platforms that are encouraging your potential customers to click through.

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3. Video marketing will start to take-over

Video is HUGE. It has been the best way to beat the algorithms, engage your audience and see your products for a while and it’s only going to increase in 2020. While at the moment, Instagram and Facebook Stories are quite a balanced mix of images and video, we think that in 2020, video marketing is going to start to take over. Through video, you can tell a captive market all about your product and they can get to know you – the person behind the brand – which is key to selling your products or services online. It’s the digital equivalent of someone walking into your shop for a chat. We’re even starting to see an increase in the people sharing video on LinkedIn to talk about what they’re doing, selling their products and focussing on useful and engaging content that will captivate their audience.

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4. User experience will become key in creating digital content

Audiences in 2020 are not going to be satisfied with watching a video or seeing a pretty image of your product, they are going to want to interact with you more and more. Facebook, Instagram and, to an extent, Twitter, already offer ways for you to interact with your followers – polls, questions, quizzes and reactions are all tools you can use to engage with your audience. But in 2020, we think brands are going to turn up their user experiences even more – encouraging their followers to interact and even control what content goes up where and when. Start thinking now about ways your followers can interact with your brand online.

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