When it comes to social media, there are currently 2.62 billion of us using the various platforms globally, and these figures are expected to reach over three billion by 2021.

However, when it comes to actually looking at how everyone uses social media, we are all slightly different.

These different social media personas are hugely useful when it comes to looking at how you use the different platforms, which can then translate to the realisation of how your potential customers are also using social media.

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This knowledge can be hugely powerful when it comes to planning your social media strategy to ensure you are targeting the many different personalities that are present online, and evaluating whether your posts or tweets are appealing to the right demographic.

Here are five common social media personas to get you thinking:

  1. The ultras

For many habitual social media users, the various social media networks are their primary communication links to family and friends.

  1. The dippers

Although more than half of the UK population is signed up to Facebook or Twitter, not all are regular users. ‘Dippers’ access their pages infrequently, often going days or weeks without tweeting or posting an update.

  1. The lurkers

Hiding in the shadows of cyberspace, the ‘lurkers’ watch what others are saying on social media but rarely, if ever, participate themselves. They will complain publicly about the ‘mundane drivel’ that is posted, and privately they worry they don’t have anything exciting to say, but they keep an eye on other peoples conversations.

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  1. The peacocks

Easily recognised because they see social media networks as an opportunity to show everyone just how popular they are. They judge their social standing on how many followers or fans they have, and the aim of each post or tweet is to secure as many ‘likes’ or retweets as possible.

  1. The informers

Information is a currency in social media. Being the first to spot something interesting and pass it on earns you kudos and, just as importantly, more followers and fans.

And the list continues, but this taster gives you a real feel for the types of personalities your social media marketing should appeal too. Could you be using the ‘peacocks’ as key influencers to communicate your messages? Is social media the right platform to engage with the ‘lurkers’? It’s all food for thought, and something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Sources: Statista, The number of social media users worldwide from 2010 to 2021

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