Weddings, whether you are thinking of opening your own wedding venue, want to supply the wedding industry or are an established business operating in this sector, these upcoming trends are well worth a read to ensure you are hitting the mark with your offering.

The latest stats reveal that on average over 200,000 opposite sex couples marry each year in England and Wales with the average spend per wedding recorded at £30,000. It’s a sector with huge potential, as couples seek to create lasting memories for themselves and their guests but it’s not for the faint-hearted.

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This year, see what trends and opportunities you could tap into to ensure your venue, food, flowers and the rest, remain at the forefront of the minds of those looking to plan their dream day.

  1. Focus on the vibe

Each year, the wedding industry makes a big deal about the colour palettes that are predicted to lead the way for the year ahead, and this year is no different with burgundy, red and plum looking to be popular colours with brides to be.

However, the industry is also predicting that 2019 will be a year where weddings will be more focused around the notion of a vibe or mood rather than a specific theme or colour palette.

It’s suggested that this more relaxed outlook will allow greater flexibility for couples to encapsulate their own style.

Food for thought: Consider how your wedding venue could be adapted to allow bridal parties to make their mark, such as flexible packages offering that allow ‘pick and mix’ options.

  1. Personalised ceremonies

It’s becoming increasingly common for couples to forgo legal and religious ceremonies in favour of celebrant-led ceremonies that embrace a couple’s unique story and individuality in a place and a time that resonates with them.

Yes, they are still required to complete the formalities at a registry office, however there is then the opportunity to create a ceremony that is meaningful for the couple where they can include who and what they want.

This means that outdoor spaces and quirky venues, for example, can be hugely attractive for couples to say ‘I do.’

Food for thought: Keep an eye out for changes in legislation eluded to in the Autumn 2018 budget which may see restrictions lifted on where couples can legally get married.

  1. Environmental consideration

As a nation, we are becoming increasingly aware of what impact our actions may be having on the environment, and this is no different with couples who are looking to get married.

The desire to connect with nature and bring the outdoors in, as well as being as sustainable as possible, is becoming increasingly important for bride and grooms.

Trending sustainable wedding practices to keep an eye on:

  • Plants and trees will be used to create an impact, which can then be replanted and enjoyed after the wedding
  • Foam or oasis will be replaced by garden style arrangements
  • Buying British flowers and supporting local businesses will become the new normal
  • Plastic-free options will be important

Food for thought: Could you make a few subtle changes to your business offering that would appeal to this audience?

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  1. Foodie favourites

When it comes to food, 2019 is set to see……

  • The return of fish
  • Tasty dietary and allergen menus served to all guests
  • The celebration of veganism and vegetarianism
  • The arrival of indulgent home comforts
  • Sharing platters and grazing boards allowing people to choose what they want

The wedding industry is a very fast-paced sector where no two weddings are ever the same. Trends will come and go, but not keeping pace with these changes could leave you and your business trailing behind.

Wedding venues or related businesses can be a great option for those looking for farm diversification projects, but as with any business it’s vital to do your research first to ensure you can offer what the market wants.

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Sources: Coco and Kat – 2019 wedding report, Office of national statistics – Marriages in England and Wales 2015, Brides Magazine – Average cost of a wedding

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