A new year brings with it new business trends – and with them, new opportunities.

This is the ideal time for you to invest in a business to suit your rural lifestyle. Whether it's anything from the food and drink industry to health and leisure, there's something out there to suit you.

Here are five sectors to consider investing in this year:


Glamping has been on the up for some time now, and the trend shows no sign of dampening.

Along with the increasing popularity of holidaying in the UK, this sector is the ideal investment if you’re interested in entering the holiday industry without having to relocate abroad.

The prospect of comfort has always been at the forefront of the glamping industry’s growth, but customers are starting to want more than just a warm tent with a comfy bed.

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In particular, they want unique experiences with eye-catching architecture and one-of-a-kind memories that will keep them coming back for more. Many glamping sites are including the options of staying in a gypsy caravan or even a double-decker bus!

So, if you have access to some spare land, or you have another more traditional business like a farm, campsite or a B&B – consider adding on some glamping units to capture this emerging market.


There's a huge appetite for craft beer. Many consider themselves a beer aficionado, and businesses are beginning to cater to the demand alongside organic wine and artisan coffee.

Equipment is cheap and it doesn’t take much to get set up. Many start small in their own garages, but those bitten by the bug often want to take the next step and get involved at a more professional level.

Opening a microbrewery is a very low-cost venture and can be easily attached to another existing business. It’s also a business that can be run from anywhere – and is , therefore,the ideal business to run from a rural location.

Microbrewery pop-ups in restaurants, bars and pubs are more popular than ever; making this a sector with huge potential if you’re willing to offer the hours to network and partner with local businesses.

If you have a taste for what’s to come on the market, then why not become a part of it.

Remote businesses

There is a trend towards more flexible working as we demand a better work-life balance. This trend is extending to running a business.

Running a business from home or employing a remote workforce is on the rise. Operating a business where you don’t have overheads such as office / shop rent mean increased profit margins.

Running a flexible, remote business also suits the rural lifestyle. A home visit is hugely beneficial to locals from towns where the nearest hair salon or accountant is still a 20 minute drive. Offering accessibility and flexibility to customers will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future.


The health and fitness sector has boomed in the last few years. And aside from the expected spike during the new year, this popularity is set to continue in 2019.

It’s also not just about the traditional gym. There is a move towards living a healthier lifestyle – through holistic activities and healthy eating.

Boot camps are one type of activity that are becoming ever more popular – these are short, intensive classes that can be carried out in any suitable outdoor location.

Yoga, Pilates and dietary advising businesses are also very low overhead businesses that can be set up in your local hall or even in your own home.

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Street food

As with microbreweries, street food is also seeing an explosion of interest as consumers become more adventurous and willing to try new food experiences.

With the UK street food market now worth over £1 billion, there are plenty of reasons to invest in the street food sector this year.

Your rural base could be a major advantage, as farmers' markets continue to thrive in small towns across the country, you can find great benefit in customers taste for something new and exciting, but also locally sourced and organic.

Business ownership and a rural lifestyle don't have to be poles apart. Keep abreast of new trends and strongly-performing sectors like these and you stand an excellent chance of seeing a lucrative future.

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