4 easy to start farm diversification ideas, for after lockdown

So as we tentatively move out of lockdown in the UK, what relatively cheap and easy rural businesses could you set up to take advantage of customer behaviour after lockdown habits of the last year or so?

Whilst there will inevitably be a number of consumers who can’t wait to race back to the pub for their pint, there will be a very large section of the market who want to get back to some normality, such as going out for dinner, seeing friends and family, evenings and days out and so on, but still have some lingering nervousness about being indoors with large groups of people.

So as people are hugely easer to see their friends and family, and spend time together – how can you offer interesting ways of them doing so, in an outdoor environment?

1) Hire out outdoor space with facilities

Could you offer a corner of a field for families or groups of friends to spend an evening with a bonfire or barbeques? Can you put together an outdoor kitchen they can hire? Maybe a tipi for cover? Or just offer a field where a group of people can take a picnic in peace and quiet away from others?

2) Outdoor dining

Already fashionable before Covid-19, the public are already reportedly booking outdoor pods, tipis, domes in their droves, in anticipation of lockdown coming to an end. Can you create a forest or woodland dining experience? Have you got a beautiful garden you could decorate with fairy lights or bunting? Sell tickets, and hire caterers in to deliver the food?

3) Animal experiences

What may seem everyday to those of us on a farm, for people that live in towns and cities there is a huge appetite for spending time doing something quirky and spending time with animals. Check out these animal experience days available on AirBnB:

4) Completely wild camping for locals

Where people can find a tree, a dip, a nook or cranny to pitch up a tent and camp in – not a holiday, but a few days of doing something different and getting away from it. No facilities, no nothing! There is a new trend for local people who want to take their family, children or go with friends fairly locally, just for a long weekend as a cheap alternative to the norm. It’s not appealing to holiday makers, but local people for something different to do at the weekend, and spend time together.

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