Injecting a little slice of positivity into the new world order

Well here we are, another month, another article for the lovely team over at the Business Barn and we’re still on lockdown. My heart goes out to anyone who is struggling with the current situation, whether that’s with their business, home situation, mental health or money. In my last article I shared some tips and actions for business owners to try so that their marketing is in tip-top shape once we start to come out the other side of this. This month I’d like to focus on some of the positive things that have come out of the massive changes to our lives during the Covid-19 outbreak. I do a lot of work with business owners to help them with their mindset and I know how important it is to think positively every single day…

Some businesses have flourished

I know some people’s businesses have gone under, I can’t imagine such a devastating blow when you pour so much of your heart and soul into your operation. But lots of rural businesses have been able to ‘pivot’ and offer something new during lockdown, enabling them to open up their products to new customers. From rural food and drink producers cutting out the middleman and delivering to people’s homes, pubs becoming the village store and takeaway rolled into one and farm shops being discovered by a whole new audience - it’s pretty incredible.

A renewal of community spirit

Although it’s been very tough not seeing friends and loved ones for months on end, there has been a revival of community spirit. Whether that is from having the time to stop and say hello on a daily stroll to catching up before the weekly clap for carers, people are definitely bonding with their neighbours. In more rurally isolated areas, I’ve heard amazing stories of people checking in on elderly or infirm neighbours or clubbing together to help run farms and businesses for people incapacitated by Covid-19.

Reconnecting with family

There’s no doubt that the lockdown has forced families to spend a lot more time with each other than they have before. I’ve seen such heartwarming stuff on social media - teenage kids taking over cooking every other night, family quiz nights, movie marathons, bike rides in the countryside and growing sunflowers. Of course, being stuck in the same house as the rest of your family can be tricky but hopefully it’s given some busy working parents the chance to spend valuable time with their kids.

Healthier living

Being given an allotted daily exercise allowance and no commuting time seemed to galvanise many people to start a new fitness regime. It might be a little wearing getting stuck behind a puffed-out jogger or cyclist on a country lane, but data is already showing our nation is getting healthier! If you live near a motorway or busy road, or perhaps in one of our nation’s cities, you’ve enjoyed cleaner air during lockdown. Views of the City of London from landmarks like Primrose Hill are clear and free from air pollution. If only that would stay when life speeds back up!

Sticking with the positives…

If there are long term positive effects of the pandemic, I hope they are around people reconnecting with their immediate environment, remembering why they fell in love with their partner or getting to know their children better than ever before. Perhaps on Saturday mornings this time next year at least a small percentage of families will still be enjoying a bike ride together before enjoying home baked treats in the garden, instead of plodding around a shopping centre buying disposable fast fashion. Maybe the people who now know that there’s a wonderful farm shop nearby will head there to buy meat and dairy products from animals raised locally under great welfare standards. I really hope so.

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