Are you looking to diversify and earn an additional source of income from your premises? Are you a farmer or landowner in Worcestershire? Then read on...

Blooming Imaginations is a brand new business looking for land or facilities to start an educational role-play experience for children between the ages of 0 to 10 within Worcestershire.

The intention is for the chosen site to house approximately eight rooms, each dedicated to professions that children aspire to, plus a customer café. In addition, the space will ideally allow rooms to be hired out to other toddler and children groups or other small collaborative businesses.

Long-term it is hoped the site will facilitate educational day trips for schools/groups and special educational needs with the intention of expanding to incorporate our current childcare business on site.

Initially, the business will provide job opportunities for a minimum of three members of staff. The new business will provide a high-end sustainable family entertainment service and therefore will be able to offer strong lease terms to landlords.

What are they looking for?

We are looking for a building measuring a minimum of 3000sqft (or multiple smaller buildings equating to the same area), or land measuring 0.5acres/0.2hectares to include an area for a building and customer parking.

We are offering an opportunity for land owners to generate a good return from land and buildings, particularly underutilised assets. Ideally, there will be an existing building or footprint, good road access and ability to connect to mains services.

We envisage that our business can be located on the peripheral land and therefore not interfering with any existing operation of the business/farm.

We are looking to collaborate with someone who can lease premises on farmland not far from Worcester/M5 junction 5-7 and who is looking to diversify. We are open to discussions of the potential landowner having more involvement/investing in the business itself (although this is not essential), in order to ensure this opportunity works for the landlord as well as ourselves.

For further information contact:

Bianca Burfitt-Delord: 07855531463

Dominique Delord: 07769344493

Email: or