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Don’t miss out on broadband subsidy scheme voucher

High demand for a broadband voucher scheme means the government is urging farm and rural businesses to take advantage of the offering before the funding runs out.

The £67 million Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was launched by the UK government in late 2017 to help small businesses and community groups fund faster broadband connections.

It was expected the scheme would have enough cash to run until 2021 and initially vouchers of up to £3,000 were available.

For more information on the scheme click here.

But 7,000 businesses claimed funding in the first 12 months and voucher values have been cut back to £2,500 each to allow more businesses to take part.

The funding is paid directly to companies involved in installing broadband and covers installation fees, external infrastructure equipment, excess construction charges and engineering works and set-up and survey costs.

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However, businesses, particularly in Wales, have not been making use of the scheme, which can be used to contribute to, or fully fund, installations of full-fibre gigabit broadband.

Just 58 Welsh businesses have claimed the voucher, compared with 1,613 in the West Country and almost a thousand in the south-east of England.

The figures released by the government this week have prompted urgent calls for businesses in Wales not to miss out.

For more information and to request a voucher, click here.



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