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Craft courses - turning a hobby into a business

Can you turn a hobby into a business?

The UK craft scene is booming. TV shows, magazines and bloggers are enticing more and more people to “have a go”. According to research measuring the economic impact of thousands of small craft businesses in the UK, craft skills contribute £3.4 billion to the economy* - there has never been a better time to share your skills and turn your own hobby into a successful business by offering craft courses.

Starting a new business is always challenging and hard work, especially if you are squeezing it into your spare time. As a home-based and part-time entrepreneur, you’ll need to get used to wearing a lot of hats, shifting from one role to the next seamlessly, one minute an accountant or salesperson the next, your day job. Balancing your time is the key to success. Be disciplined and make simple rules to ensure the two aren’t always intertwined.

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