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Founded by Hannah Moule, The Business Barn launched in 2017 to provide business advice and support specific to the rural sector.
With a background in rural surveying, Hannah was frequently asked by clients and start-up businesses for help with identifying new business ideas and for guidance on where to find particular business resources and how to write certain documents.
There was an obvious gap in the industry for a central, online resource to feature the information needed to start a rural business or farm diversification project. Hence the evolution of The Business Barn.
The website now hosts a wealth of free to access information, in the form of articles, business guides, case studies and templates, prepared by industry experts to help people get started in rural business.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What is The Business Barn?

A. The Business Barn is a free to access online business resource providing rural specific business advice for diversifying farmers, rural business owners and landowners.

Whether you are looking for new business ideas, how to start a business, new business opportunities or ways of marketing your business, The Business Barn will support you on your business journey, whatever your stage of business.

Q. I am looking for new business ideas, where can I find these?

A. Whether you are looking for a business to start at home, small business ideas or larger scale start-up business ideas look no further than the inspire section of The Business Barn’s advice library.

Here you will find a list of business ideas across several different rural sectors, as well as resources for market research, case studies highlighting the business journey of others and guides to business planning and budgeting.

Q. How can I use The Business Barn to help me start a business?

A. Starting a business can be daunting if you are unsure of where to begin. Having got a clear idea of your business venture it’s important to have a plan in place of how you are going to start your business.

The start section of The Business Barn’s advice library has been designed to help you start a business. From going self-employed to building a website and setting prices for products and services you can find it all here.

Our Business Opportunity Profiles also provide detailed business information on specific business ideas from the qualifications and skills that may be needed to legislative and insurance requirements.

Q. How can I use The Business Barn to help grow my existing business?

A. When developing a business, digital marketing, traditional marketing, sales, the implementation of systems and processes and business and people management are some of the factors that increasingly come into play.

The grow section of the advice library provides the next level of information for those businesses that are looking to expand and grow within the rural sector.

Q. I am looking to diversify my farm business, where do I start?

A. Make sure diversification is the right route for you. Look at each of your farming enterprises as a starter for ten and see if there are small changes that can be made to help reduce costs and improve productivity. You may be surprised to find that by making small changes you see incremental differences in the performance of the farm business.

If you have decided that farm diversification is the right route for you, make sure you undertake extensive market research before getting started.

The Business Barn hosts a number of resources for research and rural sector trends as well as a whole section on market research featuring business guides on how to carry out market research, how to write market research surveys and how to identify your target audience all of which are designed to help in the initial stages of starting a rural business.

Q. I have a business idea but am not sure how to get started?

A. Start by doing your market research. Carry out primary and secondary market research to establish that your business idea has the chance of being a success.

If your market research is promising make sure you do your budgets to ensure it is financially viable. Then make sure you have taken into account legislative requirements, insurance and the structure of business you wish to start.

Take a look at the start section of The Business Barn’s advice library if you are at the stage of taking your rural business idea to the next level.

Q. What new business opportunities are available?

A. From starting an online business, a franchise or your own business at home there are a number of business opportunities to consider.

The Business Barn’s opportunities page features government grants and schemes that can help when it comes to financing business projects, businesses for sale, business tenders and alternative business proposals.

Q. I am looking for specific supplies for my rural business, where can I find these?

A. Whether you are looking for professional services be that solicitors, chartered accountants or planning consultants or are looking for supplies of glamping infrastructure, for example, The Business Barn MarketPlace hosts a number of suppliers catering for all stages of business.

Search by location and your main category of interest to find specific suppliers relevant to your business.

Q. How can I keep up to date with more information from The Business Barn?

A. By signing-up to our newsletter you will receive bi-monthly emails informing you of the latest industry news and free business advice from The Business Barn. Click here to sign-up today. 

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