Innovative business solutions for the rural sector

- Help businesses discover and buy your products
- Help businesses trust and buy your services

  • Connect with thousands of relevant businesses
  • Network with rural businesses to create B2B relationships
  • Enhance your digital marketing strategy and online presence
  • At a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising

Directory Listing

Put your business in front of thousands of potential customers per year

£9.99 per month plus VAT

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  • Get leads with a directory listing, including:
    Full profile listing services and products
    Upload brochures and videos
    Contact forms
    Reviews and testimonials
    Content managed system so you can keep your profile current

Professional Package

Generate focused targeted B2B and B2C leads through our platform and rural business network

£39.99 per month plus VAT

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  • Get leads with a directory listing including:
    Full profile listing services and products
    Upload brochures and videos
    Case studies
    Contact forms
    Reviews and testimonials
    Content managed system so you can keep your profile current
  • Showcase your expertise:
    With up to four written pieces of content per year, published and promoted
    Host up to two webinar's per year on an agreed topic
  • Showcase your products:
    Within our inspiration and technical articles and galleries
    On Instagram
  • Showcase your company:
    Through the publication of news stories
    Promotion of offers, discounts and new products through social media and the website
    Promotion of your content for other complimentary businesses to link to
    List your events
    Where relevant promote your business / products as an ‘opportunity’
    By contributing to our ‘Inspiring People’ and ‘Case Study’ features
  • Engage directly with your target market:
    Use of the forum to talk to potential customers
    Email notifications when relevant subjects are being discussed
    Receive direct leads and referrals from enquiries to The Business Barn
  • Engage and work with each other:
    Use of the forum to refer and receive referrals from other professionals and suppliers
  • Gain business insight:
    Real time access to your own dashboard showing analytics and data
    Unique access to The Business Barn trends, key words, searches and visitor habits

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the UK’s number one rural business resource. We have thousands of farmers, landowners and rural business owners engaging with The Business Barn every week. With a fast growing directory of businesses that supply the rural sector, the website is packed with innovative marketing tools proven to help grow your business.

Businesses buy from businesses – we embrace this and promote it! Buying the rights skills and products is essential to creating and growing businesses. People need your products and your services – so use our website to tell them why you can help them, deliver your marketing message through education and inspiration rather than traditional sales methods.

Our visitors use The Business Barn as their 'go to' business resource, looking for opportunities, technical business help and inspiration for new business. Providing credible trustworthy advice, our visitors use The Business Barn to find people to buy from, and do business together.

Yes and No! The basic directory listing is most akin to advertising, but incomparable in terms of value for money – with the directory you get the opportunity to really promote your business through detailed services, case studies, galleries, brochures, reviews and testimonials.

Our Professional package is a marketing partnership and business resource. The provision and inclusion within the content of our website is hugely beneficial for your business in that it showcases your knowledge and expertise and in the case of products it showcases your products through inspiring images, but also supports the aim and objectives of The Business Barn as being the ‘go-to’ resource for rural business information. The reviews and testimonials feature means that visitors and readers can instantly view your credibility and reputation which is an important decision making tool.

As well as the marketing, by being a member you will have access to up to date current trends, business information all specific to the rural sector – this isn’t available anywhere else.

Lastly, the Rural Business Network is all about creating a useful, engaging community of rural business people where we can come together, support and talk to each other. Let’s help each other achieve rural business excellence.

That’s amazing that you are, well done! But any forward thinking progressive business will know that in order to keep the leads coming in, it is important to maintain a presence even if you don’t want to actively market for more work. Being visible on the website means you maintain credibility and a presence against your competitors, so you don’t get forgotten.

Additionally, consider what it might have cost you in marketing spend to have got to your current position. It is possible that The Business Barn may be a more cost effective option for generating leads for you going forwards.

We only want to work with credible quality businesses. We will undertake basic due diligence on your business once you have signed up. If we are concerned about any aspect we will not take payment and will contact you to discuss it. The reviews feature will also help regulate our suppliers, our Terms and Conditions state that if you receive less than 3 star reviews we will undertake some additional investigation which shall be reasonable and proportionate, you will of course have your say as we know the customer may not always be taking a fair view.

The main professional package is £39.99/month which is less than £1.30 per day (and you can’t even get a coffee for that!).

In terms of analysing the cost, compare £39.99 per month to:

  • What you spend on traditional advertising and PR
  • What reach do you get for your current spend?
  • Can you reach your target market with your current advertising?

Ask yourself what is the value of one good lead?

- For a solicitor or accountant could that be a lifetime client worth hundreds (or thousands) of pounds per year?

- For a planning consultant - the cost of one year is less than half a job?

- Or for a Shepherds Hut manufacturer, could it lead to a £30,000 sale?

No, it is a monthly recurring subscription taken from your business debit or credit card, which you will sign up to when joining.

We have a minimum period of 6 months, the only reason being that this is the length of time you need to give it to start to see the benefits. This isn’t a ‘flash in the pan’ advertising website, this is a working partnership that takes a few months to build. After your initial 6 months you can cancel at any time.

We work with a range of businesses in a number of ways, and can tailor services to your requirements. In addition to our two 'online' packages, we may also be able to offer businesses:

- Larger scale sponsorship / principle partner packages

- Bespoke marketing packages including banner advertising, e-newsletters, social media promotions

- Advertising packages for relevant 'For Sale' adverts & 'Courses'. We can also do Affiliate Sales of relevant products E.g. Online courses.

- Market Research

We are working on building new business resources to compliment the current website. If you have specific requirements you think we can help with please contact us.