If so, have you ever thought about the benefits of pigs on your land?

BQP has operated successfully since 1979 and work in a fully integrated supply chain, supplying high welfare outdoor bred pork. Due to continued growth, we are now looking for new outdoor sites to expand our pig breeding operation.

Land would need to be light and free-draining, and ideal sites would offer two blocks of land, each of 80-acre blocks (as a minimum). The pigs would rotate between the two blocks, either annually or biannually.

Any land that is suitable will always be assessed beforehand by an environmental consultant to ensure that the fields are managed in the most environmentally friendly way.

Some of the benefits that have been noticed by current landlords are:

  • Guaranteed income with no input from the landowner, reducing risk to the farming business from the market commodity prices and weather conditions effecting yields
  • Excellent break crop and returns high fertility to the land from the manure, reducing the need for expensive compound fertilisers and improving yields, especially on the poorer land
  • The pigs remove the weeds and volunteer crops, improving the performance of following crops
  • There would be no effect on cross compliance and BPS
  • Helping the British pig industry to meet rising demand for high welfare pork.

In return we offer a highly competitive rent, between £300-450 per acre.

For further details, please contact: Rebecca Inch on 07880 187556 / 01379 383119 or rebecca.inch@dalehead.co.uk or click here.