Rural Business Diversification Ideas - Specialist Farming Enterprises

Below are ideas to get you thinking about novel or extensive farming enterprises that could complement or work alongside the existing farm business. Many of the ideas below will depend on the infrastructure you have in place or available on-farm.

Livestock ideas

  • Buffalo farming
  • Goat farming
  • Calf rearing units
  • Pig rearing units
  • Heifer rearing units
  • Approved cattle finishing and rearing units
  • Rearing native breeds
  • Free range egg production
  • Poultry e.g. hatcheries, broilers, layers
  • Wagyu beef

Animals and insects

  • Fish farming
  • Fish hatching
  • Worms and snails
  • Insects
  • Stud farm
  • Game rearing
  • Deer farming
  • Specialist breeding units

Alternative crops and techniques

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