Having established a successful caravan storage business, Ted and Jackie Howard-Jones provide a checklist of key requirements when establishing this type of venture.

The caravan industry contributes more than £6 billion per year to the UK economy and as a nation, there are an estimated one million leisure caravans in use*. So where are people storing their caravans and motorhomes?

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For some, they can store them on driveways, but others have a need for safe and secure storage.

Key requirements for caravan storage:

  • Space

To store caravans you need to have the space to do so. It’s not just the space to store the vehicles but also the space to manoeuvre them without damage. Remember you will be dealing with people of different driving abilities. A farm steading is a good starting point for this.

  • Hard-standing

This is a must for caravaners, they do not want to be dealing with muddy fields and sinking axels when moving their vehicles on and off the site.

  • Good level of security

Being able to show that you have a good level of security on site is a winner. Whether is a number coded electric gate, security lights or cameras, if you can offer this it can be a real draw for owners. We have secure gates, and we are lucky that people have to come through our yard to get to the store so we can keep an eye on the traffic.

  • Insurance

It is a good idea to check the owners have their own insurance to ensure they are protected and likewise so are you if anything should happen while the vehicle is parked on your property.

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Other considerations:

  • Planning

It will be necessary to submit a planning application for the change of use of buildings or land. Caravan storage, even if it is in your farmyard, is classed as storage. You should consult with your local Council for further information and guidance.

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  • Other services

Depending on how involved you want to be, you could consider offering to move people’s caravans for them as required, maintenance packages to clean and service vehicles or other ‘add-ons’ but this will come with additional requirements and risk.

  • Pricing

As an average, pricing is generally based on a rate of £1 a day. We charge £48 per month plus VAT as there is very little competition around us and the demand is there, but it will be a case of weighing up the supply and demand and finding a price point where people are happy to pay.

  • The hassle factor

Generally, this type of business is reasonably hassle-free but as with any business, you have to be prepared to deal with annoyances. Whether that’s from your customers, neighbours or the vehicles themselves there will be issues you have to deal with.

*The NCC http://thencc.org.uk/Our_Industry/statistics.aspx

CaSSOA http://www.cassoa.co.uk/im-a-storage-site-owner/

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