Achieving high and sustainable occupancy levels for a holiday let is becoming a tougher challenge in an oversupplied UK market. This is even more so for properties in locations off the tourist radar.

It is obvious that the beauty and appeal of your local area will be very close to your heart. However, you’ll need to reach out to an unconverted audience to persuade them to be adventurous by taking a ‘risk’ to spend their hard-earned cash on visiting an unknown destination rather than opting for one of the many tried and tested honeypots spread across the UK.

But what steps can you take to change perceptions? Here are eight initiatives property owners could take to boost bookings;

1. Set realistic prices

Do your research and see what others are pricing their holiday lets at, then see what a realistic price would be for your business. Too high and you risk losing potential clients, and too low, some may be put off and question why it is so cheap. Remember, you can always up your prices up once you’ve built a solid clientele.

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2. Invest in top quality furnishings and photography to showcase the accommodation to its full potential

Good images and quality furnishing will help draw people in. If you are going for luxury, make sure this comes across in your advertising efforts.

3. Introduce a range of added value services to tempt guests such as fishing, cycling, dinner delivery or babysitting

Nowadays, people are always looking to ‘out-do’ their peers. Offering experiences that go above that of your normal holiday destination can again be a draw for those seeking broader experiences from their holiday.

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4. Provide well-presented descriptions and evocative images to reveal what the local area has to offer

This is your opportunity to shout about your location. What do you have to offer that other destinations don’t? Don’t be afraid to be bold.

5. Promote local events which command regional and national pulling power

This will not only benefit you, but it will also help support local communities and other businesses. It’s surprising how this type of collaboration can help in the future.

6. List your property with local wedding venues and restaurants (those without rooms)

7. Set-up accommodation aimed at large groups

For some guests, the getting together is often more important than visiting the local area. If you are able to cater for larger groups then again make sure people are aware of this.

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8. Network closely with local tourism managers at your district council

The more people you get to know and speak to about your business, the more they will be able to pass on a good word for you. Don’t underestimate the power of people even in today’s digital world.

Once you’ve ‘upped your game’ and you’re on the map the momentum gained from the repeat and referral bookings will ensure that your business is a resounding success.

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