Businesses that provide services such as waste clearance, recycling, forestry and road gritting are subject to legislation covering, for example, health and safety, environmental protection, trading standards and business insurance. In addition, depending on the type of service provided, they may be subject to industry-specific legislation.

Professional legal advice should always be taken before making business decisions.

Health and safety

All service providers have a general duty of care to protect the health and safety of their employees and anyone else that may be affected by their business activities, such as customers, contractors and members of the public.

See also: Health and safety guidelines for rural businesses

Duties of service providers include the following:

  • Carrying out a health and safety risk assessment of their work activities covering every location where the activities take place, such as customers’ premises, forestry sites and public roads.
  • Ensuring that work equipment is suitable for the use for which it is provided and properly maintained.
  • Providing employees with adequate health and safety training, including full training in how to use equipment properly and safely.
  • Providing employees with personal protective equipment and clothing wherever this is necessary.

The Health and Safety Executive publishes industry-specific guidance at

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