Why investing in professional photography will improve your brand

With the continuous and frankly wondrous improvement of phone camera technology and the availability of cheap digital cameras, everyone can take a reasonable picture. Camera phones are a fantastic tool for behind the scenes short videos or candid shots of your team in action, but to really draw the reader into the interface, you need a wow factor.

Images tell your story

The power of visual cues can't be overstated. How many times have you clicked on something because the image drew you in? Small businesses have to exist in this digital era and your online presence is critical. By using professional imagery you have the potential to increase consumer interest and stand out amongst your competitors. A professional photographer will be able to deliver high quality and consistent images that will build brand awareness and allow you to more effectively communicate with your customers. Good imagery is apparently 40% more likely to be shared on social networks.

People invest in people

The power of professional headshots cannot be overstated. Building your brand and website with a, “who we are” section will allow customer to build trust and in some cases, see what you do. Whether you are the Farrier in action or packaging your product for dispatch, you only get one chance to make a great first impression and people buy into people. Making that instant connection with the viewer and building that virtual relationship from the start. Essentially saying, I am a professional and you can trust me, giving instant credibility. Investing in professional headshots may seem like an expensive and superfluous initial investment, but I can assure you that it will pay dividends in terms of building your brand and setting you apart from your competition.

Your media equals your brand

Images are an immediate representation of your values and identity. So if they are low quality and unprofessional, then that first impression isn’t a good one. I’d love to say that stock images are good. But I just don’t believe it. I can spot them a mile away and the following thoughts go through my head. Are these people real? Is it a fake site? Am I going to get scammed?

If it is products that you sell, having them represented as part of a lifestyle, country setting, or aspirational look will add authority and describe to the consumer something which words just can’t capture easily. Expertly lit with an appropriate background we can get products to look sleek, fluid and detailed and most importantly desirable.

Make the Investment

Hiring a professional photographer for a half-day or a day; coming up with a good plan of what you need, could provide you with enough Instagram, Facebook and website images to last you for months. Content is king and with good tagging, these images will help your website perform better in the rankings.

Many photographers do not publish their prices for reasons that are a whole other article, but you can always approach them and discuss your needs. You may be pleasantly surprised at their willingness to help small businesses.

A good photographer will have £20,000 - £50,000 worth of kit, studio lighting, professional indemnity insurance, excellent editing skills, and important artistic vision, all of which will enable you to upgrade your brand to the next level.

What you see versus what they visualize

See photos below.

These are both taken on a medium format 51 mega pixel camera rather than a phone, but to illustrate the point of the power of artistry and craft.

Covering your events

If you are organising a launch or public event then it pays dividends to have a photographer capture the moments. Not only will the images be more suitable for press articles but it will enable you to attract a greater pool of attendees next year when they see its success.

In summary - investing in good photography should be a key component in your business plan to build your brand, increase traffic and sales and create the professional look that sells you and your company.

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