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Where are Brits holidaying in the UK?

New research from outdoor accommodation specialist Pitchup.com has highlighted Britain’s most popular short- and long-break destinations.

The island of Jersey was identified as the favourite destination for those seeking a week away with holidaymakers drawn to its relaxed atmosphere, excellent walks and intriguing history. Whereas, Wrexham was the most popular destination for those seeking a short break away in the UK.

Top five long-stay destinations for 2018

  1. Jersey
  2. Guernsey
  3. Isle of Wight
  4. Cornwall
  5. County Down

Top five short-stay destinations for 2018

  1. Wrexham
  2. Lanarkshire
  3. Hebrides
  4. Hertfordshire
  5. Surrey

Pitchup.com founder Dan Yates said, “The Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight offer so much for fans of the outdoors - excellent walking trails, a relaxed, natural environment away from the hustle and bustle and a journey across water to reach them, adding to the adventure.

“Unsurprisingly, many of the short-stay destinations are areas where we see people visiting friends and family members - destinations close to or with easy public transport links to major cities like London or Bristol.

“In this instance, pitching a tent or parking your caravan on site gives you your own space at a competitive price compared to booking a hotel in highly populated areas such as Hertfordshire and Surrey.

“Other short-stay destinations such as the Hebrides and the Orkney Islands are places where guests usually move around after a night or two, venturing off to explore the next town, so whilst they do feature on our short stay list, we believe our guests do in fact spend a lot longer in total in these areas.” 

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