13 Nov 2020

Iain Skinner BSc(Hons) MRICS, principal of Skinner Holden Property Advisors

Like all decisions regarding rural estates and farms, whether or not to provide luxurious accommodation on your property will depend on many factors; all of which need to be considered and weighted before coming to a conclusion. A comprehensive estate review is the best place to start as there are many opportunities which can be explored, from visitor attractions to commercial lettings, woodland burials to wedding venues and food production to waste disposal.

Once you have discovered your long list of options and agreed that “glamping” should be explored further, there are some specific matters that should be considered. Primary considerations are: Suitable sites or structures, access, availability of services and will the enterprise conflict of compliment the existing farm business? If there is conflict can this be mitigated.

You can then start to think about what your offer is. Why would people pay you to stay on your farm? Reasons maybe: Peace & Tranquillity, on-site attractions or activities, off-site attractions or activities, within a popular tourist area and/or close to a popular event or venue.

While considering what to do research the competition thoroughly. Visit other sites of the type you have in mind and critique your experience.