10 Apr 2018

Baroness Karren Brady to host new business show

To air for the first time next Monday (16 April), the brand-new ITV series Give it a Year, will see Baroness Karren Brady follow the lives of new entrepreneurs for their first year in business.

During the 12-part series, Baroness travels across the UK meeting people who believe they’ve got the next big business idea; some are weird and whacky, others are literally out of this world, but all these fledgling business people have one thing in common, they hope their venture will change their lives and their fortunes.

Featuring in the series is the Shropshire glamping, camping, wedding and events venue Barnutopia who The Business Barn visited last year.

Owners Katrina and Steve Boyden explain that having decided to expand the glamping business in 2016 to include a wedding and events venue, Baroness Brady and the production crew followed the business a year up to the first wedding ceremony.

For those involved in the series, Baroness Brady made sure she understood their hopes and dreams for each business in question as well as getting under the skin of the sales figures. This business show has very much been advertised as being as much about the people and their personalities as it is the profit and loss sheet.

The series, Give it a Year, starts on Monday 16 April at 8pm on ITV, with Barnutopia featured on Monday 14 May.

You can read more about Barnutopia and their business journey here.

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