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Sarah Riley of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses

Sarah Riley of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses

Glamping business and unique accommodation, set-up and development  – Working with owners of unique holiday rentals to support business start-ups and service promotion to maximise occupancy, increase profitability and secure future success.   

Sarah Riley is a professionally qualified business coach, a marketing specialist and the founder of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses, who started her consultancy after jointly running a boutique hospitality business for over a decade. Sarah also works closely with the creator of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and is the researcher and project manager for Jane Field-Lewis’ inspirational books. She now shares techniques very few are currently taking advantage of in this increasingly competitive industry, to help glamping business owners set up their accommodation, maximise bookings and get more heads in beds.

Useful resources and courses: 


“Amazing content! Sarah over delivers! I feel much more confident to launch our new glamping business after following Sarah's class. We especially appreciated how she always found time to answer all of our questions, leaving us with multiple solutions to consider. Sarah's class makes you rethink your marketing strategies in a new way you never thought of. Being able to connect live with Sarah and other business owners makes it motivating to get through the class faster. Glad we invested in this course.” 

Emilie L

“Sarah has given us lots of clarity and great insights into lots of areas that could be the difference between progressing a plan that would in the long-term harm the business and require u-turns that cost time and money, or setting it up with less unknowns right from the start. Having experience and insights to frame our plans and reduce risks has been extremely useful.”

Mark K

“Being able to tap into Sarah’s knowledge and experience has proven to be invaluable. This is someone who has their finger firmly on the pulse of all things camping and glamping. Whether it relates to marketing, current or upcoming trends, financials or practical help, Sarah has always given sound, informed and considered advice and I could not recommend her business support highly enough.”

Jo H

“The Glamping Business Guide has been an excellent resource for me in the development of my glampsite. It completely covers everything. This guide has greatly prepared me for this business, so much I have already won first place in a Startup Weekend! I’m almost there to begin the development. When my glampsite is open, I’ll run it with confidence thanks from what I’ve learned here.”

Malono R

“With a background in business coaching, some heavy organisational skills and a major chunk of empathy I immediately commissioned Sarah to help me write not just one but X 2 business plans for both areas of the 43-acre slate quarry I had just bought. We looked at every aspect from planning advice and direct contact to topographical surveys, site visits, land management, access, plantation of my glamping cabins, off-grid facilities, insurance, budgeting on project management, cash flow and marketing.”

Louise M

“The *Deborah Meaden* of glamping. Your insight into the design, operation branding and marketing of our proposed glamping site in Inverness was invaluable in helping me move forward with confidence to planning. The insight and experience in picking out smaller nuances of a daily operation and best routes to market help shaped the business plan. l would highly recommend an onsite visit from Sarah as part of a budget moving forward.”

Alex D

“The Ultimate Glamping Business Start-Up Guide has been so helpful in the process of setting up our business. We bought the guide whilst looking for suitable properties and it enabled us to visualise what we needed from a site. Without this, there isn’t much information available on how to go about setting up a glampsite so it has been invaluable. We moved to Norfolk in summer 2014 and because of the guide were immediately able to start working on our business idea by applying for planning permission and licenses. We set up Round the Woods last year. We currently have two fully furnished yurts and are located in Norfolk, offering a luxury experience for our guests to relax and connect with nature.”

Kate S

“Brilliantly useful and really enjoyable! I didn't know where to start but Sarah broke it down into simple steps and asked all the right questions.”

Richard B

“I’m loving the course so far, thank you. I didn’t realise how helpful it would be and I’ve only just started!”

Clare W

“Sarah, I am really just getting into all your top tips in the Marketing Masterclass (am currently in the 2nd unit) and am finding it all brilliant! Can’t wait to learn even more!”

Joanna T

Services available: 

  • Business consultation, coaching, mentoring, research and support
  • High-quality, certified business courses covering initial set-up and marketing
  • Business planning and financial analysis.
  • Site visits, design and location specific advice
  • Service standards and troubleshooting
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