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The Equestrian Index

The Equestrian Index

The Equestrian Index represents the largest collection of business data and contact information which drives this niche search engine for the UK Equestrian market.

Leading the field since 2012, The Equestrian Index provides up-to-the-minute information on over 18 000 businesses to over 260 000 equestrian users annually - helping consumers and businesses find what they want, where and when they want it.

The Index Trade Portal is a fresh approach to helping equestrian businesses communicate with each other effectively. The Equestrian Index can save your business valuable time and money by providing much of the data you need to succeed!

Whether you are looking on a personal level for a coach, paraprofessional or a pair of riding boots; on a business level for manufacturers or wholesalers to stock your retail premises or if you are a manufacturer promoting the next best thing to trade or consumer, we have the answer – unless it’s algebra, then you need a different website!

The equestrianindex.com is a marketing platform providing:

  • Business Profiles
  • Newsletters
  • Managed Email Service
  • Direct Mail Service
  • Social Media engagement
  • Industry Newsfeed
  • B2B subscription networking facility
  • Press Release dissemination
  • Marketing Planning and Management
  • Market Research
  • Route-to-Market Consultancy including:
    • Access the Equestrian Market (exploration package)
    • Develop your Equestrian Market (marketing package)
    • Support your Equestrian Market (brand maintenance package)
  • Print solutions


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