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CoolPlates and CargoCool Temperature Controlled Solutions

CoolPlates and CargoCool Temperature Controlled Solutions

Cool Plates, Einsteinstraat 15a, 6902 PB Zevenaar, The Netherlands


We are a UK and Dutch-based cooling solution company, providing refrigerated display equipment using our unique cool plate technology and flexible transport cooling systems for vans and trucks using our revolutionary cargo cool systems.


“We keep our products fresh and fruity with CoolPlates.”

WM Morrison, England

The main reasons for Morrisons to use CoolPlates are; saving energy, less wastage of vegetables and fruit, the environmentally friendly aspect.


Visit CoolPlates here or email: info@coolplates.com

Visit CargoCool here or email: info@cargocool.nl

CargoCool Temperature Controlled Solutions
Temperature-sensitive products are often vulnerable. That’s why CargoCool guarantees a constant temperature. CargoCool is a suitable solution for many applications and companies. We work together to find the right solution for your business.
At CargoCool we have developed a removable unit, which is perfect for any commercial vehicle where cooling or heating is required and is a great cost-effective alternative solution to a full converted refrigerated vehicle.
In the moments that your products don’t need to be cooled or heated or for instance you require a new vehicle, you can easily take out the unit and swap it over into your next vehicle.
We manufacture 120L to 1400L standard units or customised options tailored to your vehicle size and features. We develop cool, frozen, deep freeze and heating units. All designs are suitable for 40cm by 60 cm crates.
In order to guarantee the quality, each unit is extensively tested in our climate chamber. Whether your specification is -40oC or +50oC. We simulate every ride to assure our customers of a properly functioning product.
CargoCool is suitable for many applications:
  • Transport
  • Wholesaler
  • Catering
  • Farm shops and local producers
  • Supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Medical and pharma transport
CargoCool systems are:
  • Compact and low energy refrigeration system
  • 12v, 24 v or 240v electrical connections
  • Low GWP refrigerant
  • Operating temperatures -40oC to +50oC
  • Optional battery systems for 6 hours of cooling without engine power
  • Plug in power cord for overnight cooling
  • Suitable for electric vehicles
  • Flexible
CoolPlates Product Cooling Solutions
Fresh Produce is often overlooked when it comes to Refrigeration because it’s difficult for retailers to present their wonderful produce and keep it refrigerated at the same time. This can lead to shorter shelf life, waste and mark-downs and high labour cost when it comes to stocking and de-stocking from cold stores every day. At CoolPlates we have solved that problem with our innovative cool plate technology and attractive display units.
Thanks to the cooling from beneath your fresh produce will be optimally preserved and presented attractively. Better quality, longer shelf life resulting in less wastage and with our overnight cooling covers, less labour time spent stocking and de-stocking. With CoolPlates you grasp the full benefits!
Our CoolPlates System is proven to:
  • Improve impulse buying
  • Maintain optimum temperature keeping produce fresh
  • Reduce waste and mark-downs
  • Save on time and costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Energy efficient
The modular technology allows the user ultimate flexibility, with our integrated coolers there is no requirement for central refrigeration plant, systems can be moved to prime locations for customer access and we can operate up to six SQM of cooling space from one system.
Installation is quick, simple and systems can be installed into existing displays or into our purpose built wooden cubic chests which are perfect for your customer journey and produce display.
CoolPlates are simple, reliable and effective.

Our Offices

Main Address
Cool Plates
Einsteinstraat 15a
6902 PB Zevenaar
The Netherlands
Alternate Address
Unit 17
Meadow Lane Industrial Estate
Gordon Road
LE11 1JP
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