The Business Barn forum has been created for members of the Rural Business Network to engage with other like-minded individuals, share business experiences and facilitate business-to-business on all things related to rural business. This should be a POSITIVE platform, asking for help, advice, recommendations and to learn from each other. Please treat it as such.

In order for the forum to remain a credible platform that everyone involved can benefit from, we ask that members adhere to the following rules:

1. Respect other users and be friendly – abuse, harassment or violence will not be tolerated. Attack the problem and not the person

2. Mind your language – the use of explicit, obscene or vulgar language is not permitted

3. Keep advertising to a minimum – overt or repeat adverting and automated messages will be removed

4. Stay on topic – we’ve created various threads for people to engage and comment within, so where possible please try and align your questions and comments in the appropriate thread and avoid posting in multiple places

5. Share your knowledge – the forum has been created for people to share their knowledge and experiences so don’t hold back

6. No adult content –posts containing adult content will be removed immediately

7. Nothing illegal – reposting of copyrighted materials or other illegal content is not permitted

8. Keep it safe – the forum is a public place, do not post any personal information that you would not wish to share with a stranger

9. One account per person – running multiple identities on our forum is not permitted

10. Valid email address – you must always have a valid email address associated with your account

The Business Barn reserves the right to remove any comments that goes against the above rules. Those that breach the rules will initially be given a written warning from The Business Barn and further violations may result in your account being suspended temporarily or permanently depending on the circumstance.

In posting on the forum, you understand that your posts become a permanent part of the forum. Members are therefore advised to ensure they are happy before posting any comments.

Commercial content

The Business Barn Rural Business Network forum is a free resource for rural businesses, but it is not a free resource for businesses wishing to advertise to our audience. If you are a business, please take a look at our subscription packages or contact us directly to discuss the best options for you and how we could work together going forward.

The Forum is a facilitated online resource to learn and support other rural business owners, to start and engage conversations. In some situations if one of our Professional Members (paid members) consider they can assist your question they may provide a response. Please be aware however, no one (other business owners or Professional Members) can give tailored or individual business advice without knowing full details or individual circumstances. Please do not substitute answers on this Forum for professional advice, and we always recommend that you should seek full professional advice.

There are a number of business topics and categories on the Forum that should cover most business areas. The more focussed you can make your question, the more likely you will receive a more accurate response! If you want to 'chat' about certain sectors, there are general categories to enable you to do that. If you still can't find where to start your thread then please do email us and we may be able to set up a new category for you.

When you ask a question / start a new thread - please give it a clear and specific heading.

Sector Posts
Branding for a new business

Ask for ideas about logos, names and websites here

1 View

Ask the experts and other business owners about budgeting and finance

0 View
Business Planning

Ask questions to experts and other business owners about business planning

0 View

Ask questions about sourcing and securing finance, loans and mortgages here

1 View
General marketing

Ask experts and other business owners questions about marketing

4 View
Glamping and tourism

Ask general questions and advice from other tourism and glamping business owners

5 View

Ask or talk about grants, applying, opportunities and share experiences

0 View
Legal and legislation

Ask the experts to help point you in the right direction

0 View
Market research

Post your own questions and ideas to get member feedback

0 View
Marketing plans

Ask for ideas and help on writing your marketing strategy

0 View
Planning Permission

Ask questions about planning for your project

5 View
Property and premises

Ask questions about leases, business rates and letting here

2 View
Researching ideas

Ask other people's opinions on your ideas or where to find information

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Ask other business owners about sales, techniques, marketing and more

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Got a question about VAT, income tax, making tax digital or more? Ask for help here

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