Glamping business and unique accommodation, set-up and development  – Working with owners of unique holiday rentals to support business start-ups and service promotion to maximise occupancy, increase profitability and secure future success.   

Sarah Riley is a professionally qualified business coach, a marketing specialist and the founder of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses, who started her consultancy after jointly running a boutique hospitality business for over a decade. Sarah also works closely with the creator of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and is the researcher and project manager for Jane Field-Lewis’ inspirational books. She now shares techniques very few are currently taking advantage of in this increasingly competitive industry, to help glamping business owners set up their accommodation, maximise bookings and get more heads in beds.

Useful resources and courses: 


Services available: 

  • Business consultation, coaching, mentoring, research and support
  • High-quality, certified business training courses covering initial set-up and marketing
  • Business planning and financial analysis.
  • Site visits, design and location specific advice
  • Service standards and troubleshooting

  • Business consultant
  • Education
  • Glamping consultant
  • Training
  • Business services
  • Marketing
  • Marketing consultant
  • Tourism accommodation

This supplier operates nationally.


Customer Testimonials

“Amazing content! Sarah over delivers! I feel much more confident to launch our new glamping business after following Sarah's class. We especially appreciated how she always found time to answer all of our questions, leaving us with multiple solutions to consider. Sarah's class makes you rethink your marketing strategies in a new way you never thought of. Being able to connect live with Sarah and other business owners makes it motivating to get through the class faster. Glad we invested in this course.”

Emilie L

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