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Is your brand up to scratch?
The low-down on all things branding
There are certain businesses that when you hear their name, you instantly associate them with their products, or their strapline, or their logo. Coca-Cola. Nike. JCB. John Deere. Right away you’re seeing the red of Coke or their other soft drinks. You’re thinking “Just Do It” and seeing athle…
Online resources for building a website
Links to help you build a website from scratch
In a digitally driven world, it is becoming imperative that every business no matter their size, has a presence on the world wide web. Historically building a website would mean hiring someone with expert knowledge to do it for you. Potentially costing you thousands. These sites were built on…
The art of choosing a successful business name
A guide to choosing the right name for your business
Choosing a business name is no mean feat. It is one of the first major decisions that will need to be made when starting a business and it will have a significant bearing on the identity of the business. But, it’s not an easy one.  Taking the time to do the research and brainstorm ideas, whil…
The basics of building a website
Understanding the basics before you get started
At the end of 2017, there were 5.7 million companies in the UK. 99% of these can be classed as small or medium businesses. This means there are a lot of other companies competing for your customer’s attention. One way to make your business stand out from the crowd is by having a content packed a…
The basics of designing a logo
A guide to get you started when designing a logo
A well-designed logo that represents your business effectively is a critical marketing aid. As well as setting you apart from competitors, a good logo will effectively communicate the overall quality of your brand. It will help people identify with your business and make your products or service…
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