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Online selling - be legal
Advice to ensure you stay legal when it comes to online selling
Selling your goods or services online makes good business sense. In fact, many new businesses launch online before considering having a physical outlet. Costs associated with retail and other types of bricks and mortar business premises makes online selling an attractive, cost-effective choic…
Using online material - Have you got permission?
Advice on how you should and shouldn't use online materials
The internet is a vast resource of valuable and useful content. But is it the right place for you to source information, images or tools for your business? There are some types of online material that your business will need. However, before you help yourself to digital content seemingly free…
Writing business terms and conditions
What needs to be included when writing business T and C's
Terms and conditions in business specify arrangements, provisions and requirements that form an integral part of an agreement or contract between you and your customer. Although finalising terms and conditions may not be a priority when starting your business, if neglected they could impact c…
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