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Top five diversification trends for 2018
What's trending in farm diversification?
According to Defra’s most recent Farm Business Survey, two-thirds of farm businesses within England have already diversified, generating a total income of £620 million during 2016/17. In Wales recent statistics highlight that 38% of farmers have diversified their farm business and in Scotland…
How ‘glamping’ has moved from a passing trend to a significant part of the camping and hospitality industry
The latest trends in glamping
Glamping – the portmanteau of glamour and camping – allows travellers to enjoy all the benefits of camping with the added extras and comfort of a luxury hotel. Some people said it was a passing trend that would disappear as quickly as it had appeared, but they were wrong. Over the years I…
Latest wedding trends
Top wedding trends for consideration
Absolute personalisation Weddings have been my working world for 14 years and every year they become ever more personal and unique. Couples are turning away from perceived ‘tradition’ or rather ‘the wedding formula’ in greater numbers in pursuit of something unique and fitting with their per…
The latest trends in health and wellbeing
Understanding the trends in the health industry
As a nation, we’re becoming increasingly focused on our health and attuning ourselves to our bodies. Statistics from the Global Wellness Institute concluded that in 2015 the global wellness economy was worth $3.7trillion with the areas of nutrition, wellness tourism, fitness and mindfulness bein…
The rise in rural tourism and how businesses and landowners can embrace it
The latest in rural tourism trends
In this article, rural tourism PR consultant and journalist Megan Allen will define rural tourism, take a look at what’s driving an increase in footfall to the British countryside, attempt to predict the future and explain what it all means for rural land and business owners. Official statist…
Trends in the equestrian industry past, present and future
The latest trends in the equine industry
I have seen so much change in the sector, and it’s sped up over recent years. Right now we are going through a lot of uncertainty and a period of shedding that will lead to a very bright future. The Business Barn asked me to explore my thoughts on the business opportunities past, present and…
What are the current trends in food and drink?
Trends in the food and drink industry you could take advantage of
For the last few years, we’ve been saying that convenience, health and traceability are three of the main trends when it comes to food and drink. And this still remains true today. If anything, these trends seem to be becoming even more prevalent. The search for high quality, nutritionally-ri…
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