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How to carry out market research
Tips for carrying out market research
Don’t be put off by the words ‘market research,’ it may seem like market research involves technical, expensive or time-consuming methods but it doesn’t have to. Market research is getting as much honest feedback about your idea, product or service as possible prior to you taking the serious ste…
How to write a market research survey
A guide to get you started on writing a market research survey
Meeting the needs of your customers is the key to a successful business. What better way to find out those needs than to ask them directly? Conducting market research surveys can be an effective way to pinpoint what is lacking in your business and discover what your customers need you to prov…
Identifying your target customer
Tips for identifying your target customer
Why is it so important to know your customer? There are two crucial reasons. The first is at the market research stage before you can undertake good, accurate and reliable market research you must first be able to identify who your target customer is so you can design your market research aro…
Making the most of your market research
Interpreting data and information to inform business decisions
Terminology There are certain terms that will be useful for you to be aware of when we are talking about market research. The definitions below are helpful to distinguish for the purposes of understanding this guide. Primary research This involves the collection of original or fir…
Useful resources for market research
General market research resources
With the power of the web, there are a number of online resources we can tap into that provide a general starting point for carrying out market research. Below are links to get you started. Office of National Statistics Defra Farm Business Survey Defra statistics Food statistics p…
You have an idea, now what? Your route-to-market guide
Top tips to get your new idea off the ground
When you come with an amazing idea for that new product or new service, or a new way for your rural business to diversify, it’s a great feeling. It’s exciting. It’s energising. And you just want to get going right away. But where do you start? How do you get your idea to market in the most ef…
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