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Feasibility budgeting
What is involved in a feasibility budget
What does feasibility budgeting mean? At its most basic, it’s working out if you can make money from your business idea. Depending on how much detail you go into, you can also start to work out what your return on investment would be. Should this be done in isolation? This is an essenti…
Forecasting sales for new businesses
Getting you started with sales forecasts
Sales forecasts are crucial at all stages of business. For new start-ups, they form a vital part of your business plan that can help secure lending, and for established businesses, it can help predict short and long-term performance and thus the capabilities of the business to invest and grow. …
What’s the importance of a cash flow forecast?
Forecasting cash flow
A cash flow forecast is one of the most important tools for budgeting how much money (cash) is likely to be coming in and going out of your business at any point. It should reflect all of your revenue sources such as sales and payments in, as well as all of your costs and expenses. No matt…
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