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Ten top tips for making a successful grant application
Boost your chances of success
Most schemes are competitive – even if you submit a perfect application there is no guarantee of an offer of funding. To boost your chances of success, here are some top tips: Plan ahead Grants generally have to be agreed before you can commit to ordering or spending any money and the…
The art of choosing a successful business name
A guide to choosing the right name for your business
Choosing a business name is no mean feat. It is one of the first major decisions that will need to be made when starting a business and it will have a significant bearing on the identity of the business. But, it’s not an easy one.  Taking the time to do the research and brainstorm ideas, whil…
The circular framework gripping the global economy
How could your business take advantage of this new ‘circular’ model?
There is no getting away from the fact that in recent decades the agricultural industry has become increasingly resource intensive with the accompanying increases in capital and operating costs. However, as buzzwords such as sustainability and traceability become more ingrained in our everyda…
The tax downside of diversification
The potential cons of farm diversification
There may be many opportunities you are considering to diversify away from farming activity. Your diversification idea will hopefully generate an additional income, but it’s important to understand the potential tax implications of each diversification project. For example, a new venture may …
Top tips on how you can keep business flowing into your wedding venue
How to keep business flowing into your wedding venue
Let’s be clear, one of the big flaws of working in the wedding industry is that you don’t have a repeat customer. You won’t get that juicy booking that you know and love returning month after month no matter how great a job you’ve done for them. The business model is one that relies and thriv…
What you need to know about secured lending
Find out how peer-to-peer lending could be an option for your business
What is peer-to-peer lending? Peer to peer (P2P) lending started as an industry in 2005 when paltry saving rates prompted many savers to consider other ways of generating a decent return. This type of lending matches borrowers and lenders directly, cutting out the ‘middleman’ allowing inve…
When is the right time for farmers to diversify?
Is diversification right for you at this moment in time
With Brexit on the horizon, farmers will no doubt be starting to think about how they need to shape their business over the next few years to ensure they can ride the wave of a changing market and the consequential volatility, reduced direct support and a changed regulatory framework to work wit…
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