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A starter guide to business planning

A guide to the initial stages of planning a new business venture

People start a business for many different reasons, a passion, a calling or a big idea. It may be necessity, frustration, or a deep desire to work for themselves with no boundaries and no boss.

In order to make your business a success, you will need to be clear about why you are embarking on this journey and where you want to end up.

Start by setting your business goals, these are not always about money. A growing turnover, five new customers per month and working locally are goals as respectable as making millions.

Decide on what your business should look like, how many hours to spend, what level of risk you are prepared to take, the impact on other commitments and what success looks like to you. Then take your answers, and with your goals in mind move onto devising a business plan to achieve your goals, step by step.

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