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A guide to useful business apps
Business apps for every occasion
Running a business of any size can get complicated and stressful if you let it. For start-ups, the pressures can seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are thousands of apps available to help you streamline processes, solve problems and work smarter. These cost-effective and time-saving tools often come …
A practical guide to online booking systems
Confused about which system may be right for you? This guide will take you through the stages
If you’re running a business that takes bookings, such as a B&B, glamping site or on-farm recreation (horse riding), your customers will now expect to be able to book, and often pay, online. Businesses that rely on taking bookings solely by phone (or email) will lose business to those that can m…
Employee handbooks – where to get started
Common questions about staff handbooks answered
A handbook should be available for every member of staff. It is often the only literature given to personnel. Whether in a book format or as a set of documents, this information can prove vital in protecting your business. Here are answers to common questions when it comes to preparing staff …
Five considerations before selling your business
Top tips when selling a business
When you have spent years of your professional life building and growing your business into a successful enterprise, it can feel like a large decision to sell. Therefore, it shouldn’t be taken lightly and needs a lot of thought and preparation from as early on as possible. So, here are som…
Five top tips when it comes to managing people
Growing your business and need a helping hand?
When it comes to growing your business, it’s likely that you will be looking to take on additional staff to manage the extra workload, or to take on the role of completing tasks you no longer have the time for or aren’t necessarily your strength. When you started your business, you may not ha…
Fours ways to help increase workplace satisfaction
Tips to help create a happy and healthy workplace
The average adult in the UK spends 57% of their waking hours working, but research has shown that only 28% are highly satisfied with their jobs.* However, it’s been suggested that when employees are encouraged to design their own jobs, workplace happiness and productivity often increase. And …
How employers can help with childcare costs
Changes to childcare schemes
Childcare costs can be a huge part of a family’s financial outgoings so help is often welcomed. Currently, parents have the opportunity to receive vouchers from their employer that can be used in exchange for childcare. However, there are important changes coming into effect. From 5 October 2…
How virtual administrators can successfully support businesses
Find out if you could benefit from a VA
Virtual administrators, Virtual Assistants or VAs are a growing industry that provides support to businesses in an online environment. A VA provides administrative support online, or virtually and can provide the flexibility and relief that businesses and teams sometimes need to bring additional…
The importance of retaining employees
Effective ways of reducing staff turnover
In order to keep costs to a minimum and lower employee turnover, employee retention is vital. Retention should be a point of focus in business, as these employees will have an understanding for the company, as well as the valued experience they will have learnt. There are a number of reasons …
Three ways to add value to your business to increase sale price
Considering selling-up? This could be of interest to you
If you have a business that you’re considering selling now or in the future, it’s time to think about how you could add value to help influence the asking price you are looking for. Any extension or diversification of your services, products or activities, will still need to be carefully …
Why your business needs a Customer Relationship Management programme
How to know which CRM is right for your business
If your rural business includes a high-value sale or a sales process that can take weeks or months, then you’ll quickly realise that trying to keep track of the process on email or a spreadsheet simply doesn’t work. Likewise, if you're a potential customer, perhaps of a shepherd's hut or you'…
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