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The seven essential elements of an effective marketing plan
What to include in your marketing plan
If you’re starting a business or looking to diversify – or if your business is already up and running – then you’ll no doubt have a plan. Business plans are essential for any company, big or small, and there is plenty of information about how they should look and what they must include. Marke…
Measure to grow: The importance of figures in marketing
Understanding which metrics you should be using in business
How will you know when you have achieved success in your business? When will you be able to say that your diversification project has proven itself? The chances are you have some kind of figure in your head. A total amount of money you’d like to make, or a figure for how many customers you’ve…
How to expand and diversify your offering
Six ways to increase your business offering
Almost every business wants to grow, expand and make more money. But when you’ve only got one or two product offerings, this can be challenging. Maybe you only have a few ‘items’ that your customers can buy from you? Perhaps you only have one service that you can really deliver? Either way, y…
Sales and promotions: Should you be doing them?
Should you be planning a special offer, sale or promotion
Holding a sale can bring a lot of additional revenue and profit to your business if it’s done correctly. It can excite your customers and generate interest, especially if a sale is unusual for you or your industry. But run sales too often, and you could end up as the kind of company where cus…
Marketing is an opportunity, not a cost
The value of marketing spend
When you’re first starting a new business – or looking to scale and expand an existing venture – there’s a lot of expenses. You quickly find that nothing comes cheap – nothing good anyway – and have to fork out a lot of cash for all kinds of requirements: premises, equipment, utilities, accou…
What is strategic marketing?
Understanding the relevance of strategic marketing
I’m a strategic marketer. When I’m asked what I do for a living people quite often just hear ‘marketing’ and proceed to ask me about websites, brochures and advertising. Whilst the communications and promotional side of marketing is very visible it’s not necessarily, in my opinion, what makes…
You have an idea, now what? Your route-to-market guide
Top tips to get your new idea off the ground
When you come with an amazing idea for that new product or new service, or a new way for your rural business to diversify, it’s a great feeling. It’s exciting. It’s energising. And you just want to get going right away. But where do you start? How do you get your idea to market in the most ef…
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